Monday, March 15, 2010

This is the kind of stuff we do in my cool class:

void VGA_text(int x, int y, char * text_ptr)
int offset;
volatile char * character_buffer = (char *) 0x09000000;

/* assume that the text string fits on one line */
offset = (y << 7) + x;
while ( *(text_ptr) )
*(character_buffer + offset) = *(text_ptr);

(We're making a hardware-implemented version of "Paint" using an FPGA. (I.E. "code" that could turn your wireless router into a dedicated piece of hardware that acts like paint.)


Steven said...

Someone just stole your algorithm, and is making millions right now.

Jowy said...

Yup... Millions off of a wireless router that paints... Everyone needs one of those. I know I always wanted one when I was little. :D

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