Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Durango Bird

We drove up the road to go check out the lake the pumping plant here in Durango is creating... Well, swimming around were jet-black ducks, all sleek and shiny. Above their eyes a brilliant stripe of white seared their black bodies as light rays piercing the atmosphere in a summer sunset. Upon our arrival, these curious creatures suddenly dove. Since when to ducks dive? Since when do they completely disappear beneath the surface? Since when do they hold their breath for countless minutes? I recoiled in horror. Could these peculiar pests be plotting underwater to attack, kill, and eat humans? Could this be the beginnings of an Alfred Hitchcock movie?

(Just out of curiosity, does anyone know what these birds are?)


Jowy said...

Perhaps a duck billed platypus???
I'd say shoot it and then you can see what it is... or not see depending on what you shot it with. :P

Empty Brain said...

Good idea!